During the great pandemic of 2020, I enrolled in Le Wagon, a top fullstack software engineering intensive bootcamp. I designed, implemented, and shipped to production a Telegram search engine and marketplace. I also freelance in web development for startups.

Languages/frameworks used include:


As part of Le Wagon's 24 week intensive bootcamp, amongst other projects, the final sprint culminated in a Telegram search engine and marketplace, aimed at tapping on the growing market for self-selected interest groups amongst consumers in Telegram groups.

Advertisers have the ability to contact and bid directly for ads in targeted Telegram groups, and see a mockup of their ad in the process prior to it being scheduled for posting.


A 30 day vanilla Javascript coding challenge, I built tools such as native speech recognition, creating a version of the Paint app and photobooth on the browser, and using local storage and event delegation.


On a freelance basis, contributed to building, CareerContact, a platform developed to prepare students for the future of work through remote challenges curated with local SMEs.

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